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75.000 €
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Property Description

Large rustic country house in the Lubrin area with excellent views of the countryside and the mountains, with 200m2 and a plot of 600 m2.

This house has 5 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, equipped and furnished kitchen, pantry, living room with fireplace, dining room, porch, laundry room, barbecue and garage.

In the plot you can also find a large area of ​​land where there are planted fruit trees (orange, lemon, olive trees, etc). Also if you like gardening you will have plenty of space to grow it. Having a large field area is ideal for pets.

The road to the house is completely paved, the house is 9 minutes from the Lubrin where you can find all services such as shops, supermarkets, veterinarians, etc, and 45 minutes from the beach.

This house is ready to move into and is sold fully furnished as shown in the photos, has mains water and electricity, and access to internet via satellite.

The second floor has a concrete floor (it does not have tiles) but does not affect the use of the upper floor; We also offer reform services and you can request a quote from us without obligation.

State/County: ,
Zip: 04271
Country: España
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Property Id : 25396
Price: 75.000 €
Property Size: 200.00 m2
Property Lot Size: 600.00 m2
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 1

Active Life

Playa de las Ventanicas
(4107.85 km)Playa de las Ventanicas
Playa Macenas
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Playa Los Muertos
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Gimnasio Budokan
(4079.98 km)Gimnasio Budokan
Playa del Hornillo
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estadio mediteráneo
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(4076.63 km)Playa de Las Amoladeras
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Club Natacion Lorca
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(4068.4 km)Cala de San Pedro
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(4067.33 km)Victor Fernández Center

Arts & Entertainment

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(4114.46 km)Ayuntamiento de Vera
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(4127.38 km)Agrupacion Musical Cuevas del Almanzora
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(4110 km)Galeria de Arte Mojacar
(4109.98 km)Bombay
Escuela de Arte de Almeria
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Teatro Guerra
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Feria de Artesania de la Region de Murcia
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José Ramón motor
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Repuestos Quiñonero
(4138.68 km)Repuestos Quiñonero
Auriga Car
(4080.36 km)Auriga Car
Neumaticos Francisco Ramos
(4076.1 km)Neumaticos Francisco Ramos

Beauty & Spas


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Escuela de Arte de Almeria
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Universidad de Almeria
(4079.87 km)Universidad de Almeria
Escuela de Verano
(4079.36 km)Escuela de Verano
IES Alborán - Manuel Caliz
(4080.11 km)IES Alborán - Manuel Caliz
Academia Perez de Lema
(4167.87 km)Academia Perez de Lema
Cp San Jose
(4167.55 km)Cp San Jose
Auto-Escuela Garrucha
(4113.73 km)Auto-Escuela Garrucha
Aula de Naturaleza Iniza
(4076.98 km)Aula de Naturaleza Iniza
Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Celia Viñas
(4080.11 km)Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Celia Viñas
Institucion Ferial Alicantina IFA
(4233.38 km)Institucion Ferial Alicantina IFA
Colegio Agave
(4085.68 km)Colegio Agave
Autoescuela Real
(4080.05 km)Autoescuela Real
Colegio Internacional Sek-Alboran
(4067.73 km)Colegio Internacional Sek-Alboran

Event Planning & Services

Financial Services


(4109.86 km)Neptuno
(4116.3 km)Miramar
Angus & Hereford
(4115.51 km)Angus & Hereford
Fonda El Rosao
(4138.54 km)Fonda El Rosao
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(4121.91 km)Central
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Al Punto
(4107.76 km)Al Punto
Captains Tapas Bar And Restaurant
(4106.5 km)Captains Tapas Bar And Restaurant
Meson del Pescador
(4114.43 km)Meson del Pescador
Juan Moreno
(4121.06 km)Juan Moreno
Bar La Plaza
(4121.32 km)Bar La Plaza
El Frontón
(4110.01 km)El Frontón
La Geoda
(4131.93 km)La Geoda

Health & Medical

Centro Corporal Bodyline
(4138.02 km)Centro Corporal Bodyline
Hospital Vithas Virgen del Mar
(4081.74 km)Hospital Vithas Virgen del Mar
Complejo Hospitalario Torrecardenas
(4082.21 km)Complejo Hospitalario Torrecardenas
Clínica Salud y Láser Sexología
(4080.02 km)Clínica Salud y Láser Sexología
Baños Arabes Alhammam Almeraya
(4080.39 km)Baños Arabes Alhammam Almeraya
Dental Azcona
(4080.22 km)Dental Azcona
Hachem Jomaah Ibrahim
(4072.95 km)Hachem Jomaah Ibrahim
Centro de Dia
(4168.05 km)Centro de Dia
Centro de Salud Plaza de Toros
(4080.98 km)Centro de Salud Plaza de Toros
Farmacia Carmen Gallego Martinez
(4178.18 km)Farmacia Carmen Gallego Martinez
Ambulatorio Santa Rosa de Lima
(4168.48 km)Ambulatorio Santa Rosa de Lima
Vital Dent
(4075.55 km)Vital Dent
Dental Estetic
(4073.15 km)Dental Estetic
Clinica Dental Estetic DR. Apestegui
(4073.06 km)Clinica Dental Estetic DR. Apestegui
Hospital de Poniente
(4073.02 km)Hospital de Poniente

Home Services

Hotels & Travel

Local Flavor

Local Services

Mass Media


Lua Mojácar
(4106.46 km)Lua Mojácar
Cerro Negro
(4094.25 km)Cerro Negro
(4127.06 km)Bbme
La Trastienda del Mundo
(4085.4 km)La Trastienda del Mundo
La Playa Restaurante
(4088.25 km)La Playa Restaurante
(4117.49 km)Maraú
El Pinche
(4094.54 km)El Pinche
Coco Music
(4119.43 km)Coco Music
El sitio
(4109.98 km)El sitio
A Toda Vela
(4118.73 km)A Toda Vela
Chiringuito del chaman
(4089.42 km)Chiringuito del chaman
la Plaza
(4088.27 km)la Plaza
(4119.4 km)A'Divina
Mandala Beach Club
(4110.9 km)Mandala Beach Club
El Balconcito
(4119.45 km)El Balconcito
(4138.67 km)Desbank
(4118.69 km)Pomodoro
bar los alamos
(4139 km)bar los alamos
(4106.15 km)Tito's
Irish Bar
(4109.98 km)Irish Bar


Los Pinos
(4085.43 km)Los Pinos
(4078.82 km)Animalia
(4080.33 km)Mascotas
Clinica Veterinaria Dogo
(4178.89 km)Clinica Veterinaria Dogo

Professional Services

RMB Spain
(4118.77 km)RMB Spain
Martinez - Abarca & Muñoz Gestion Juridica
(4121.85 km)Martinez - Abarca & Muñoz Gestion Juridica
Asesoría Rodríguez París
(4121.97 km)Asesoría Rodríguez París
Perez de Colosia-Lazaro Gloria
(4113.98 km)Perez de Colosia-Lazaro Gloria
Nieto Arquitectura
(4086.4 km)Nieto Arquitectura

Public Services & Government


Fonda El Rosao
(4138.54 km)Fonda El Rosao
(4109.86 km)Neptuno
(4105.38 km)Mediterráneo
La Taberna
(4109.99 km)La Taberna
(4116.3 km)Miramar
Cuevas de Sorbas
(4106.85 km)Cuevas de Sorbas
El Almejero
(4114.47 km)El Almejero
Angus & Hereford
(4115.51 km)Angus & Hereford
La Capilla
(4112.63 km)La Capilla
Joe Beach
(4106.2 km)Joe Beach
Terraza Carmona Restaurante
(4121.93 km)Terraza Carmona Restaurante
Casa Adelina
(4111.75 km)Casa Adelina
Juan Moreno
(4121.06 km)Juan Moreno
(4124.05 km)Eugenios
B2 Mohana
(4118.1 km)B2 Mohana
(4092.23 km)Lorca41
Rincón Minero
(4100.82 km)Rincón Minero
Hole In One
(4119.81 km)Hole In One
Donde Caparros
(4094.61 km)Donde Caparros
Rione Trastevere
(4086.54 km)Rione Trastevere


Poco Loco
(4088.28 km)Poco Loco
Parque Comercial Mojacar
(4110.02 km)Parque Comercial Mojacar
(4114.32 km)Benetton
(4092.21 km)Mercadona
(4118.99 km)Puntonat
Just Shoes
(4110 km)Just Shoes
(4138.66 km)Lumasi
Charity Market
(4118.22 km)Charity Market
(4122.12 km)Mercadona
(4115.28 km)Mercadona
Regalos Praena
(4105.87 km)Regalos Praena
(4115.18 km)Chifor
(4094.44 km)Tema
Francisco Garcia Caparros
(4114.29 km)Francisco Garcia Caparros
(4114.19 km)Caprabo
(4109.57 km)Mercadona
Angela Meroño Segura
(4110 km)Angela Meroño Segura
(4118.67 km)Consum
Euro Market
(4106.57 km)Euro Market


Autobuses Urbanos
(4081.93 km)Autobuses Urbanos
Grúas Migueló
(4080.93 km)Grúas Migueló
Taxi & Servicios R.Torel
(4186.63 km)Taxi & Servicios R.Torel
(4186.75 km)FusionTaxiAlhama

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